Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


Entering Great Lent

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In preparing for Great Lent, Patriarch Svyatoslav has reminded us of our Christian obligation to care for our neighbour, our community, and our environment. He recently wrote: “The Lord created us as the crown of His creation. In His creation we are called to be icons of the Creator, the governor of the created world and ensure its balanced development. It is not humanity’s existence and the number of people on the planet, but the way of life and the predatory character of modern civilization which makes us the cause and, simultaneously, the victim of our current ecological crisis, which is taking on global implications.” Recalling the life and work of Patriarch Josyf, of blessed memory, our Church’s head recalled: “Patriarch Josyf understood that the Ukrainian people will survive only if we care for one another. For this reason the parish, where we find acts of service and concern for the destitute, is the spark of renewal for the entire Church.”

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