Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


12 thoughts on “Current Weekly Bulletin

  1. As a visitor to your church, can you please tell me the date and times of your Christmas Mass, as we would like to attend. Thank you for your help. Donna Cadaret email, as below

    • Hello Donna!

      The Christmas Eve Divine Liturgy (on January 6th) begins at 10pm while the Christmas Day Divine Liturgy (on January 7th) is scheduled for 11am. You can also access the complete PDF copy of all scheduled Christmas services here:

      We hope that you will join us!

  2. when you click on the link there is no information.

  3. When is the Easter Bazaar?

  4. Are the ladys selling pyrohy and cabbageRolls this year?

  5. Would anyone know more details about Jan 2018 Malanka?

  6. When will the blessing of the baskets take place?

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