Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


Sunday of Orthodoxy: Icons

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Kitchener calendar 2017On this Sunday of Orthodoxy, we can happily reflect on our bountiful and profound heritage of iconography. Although globally icons have become popular as religious art, in our Tradition, they are far more than this. Icons are an integral element of our liturgy and our Christian worldview. The very writing of an icon is considered a form of prayer. In the symbolic language of our iconography we see all material existence transformed by Christ’s incarnation: our environment, our humanness, our bodies, transfigured by Divine Light. But, ever so radically, as the icon speaks of Christ, so too we—each one of us—are called to be living icons. As Byzantine Christians we have received this marvelous understanding to help us recognize God in us and in others. As we commemorate the acceptance of iconography in history, let’s honour and share the sacred light shining in each of us.

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