Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


Discover Ukraine: in the heart of Waterloo Region

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Saturday, September 24th come and DISCOVER UKRAINE in the heart of Waterloo Region!

Saturday marks 7 months of attempted annihilation of Ukraine, by russia, one of the largest military powers in the world.

Ukraine continues to stand, despite russia’s relentless targeting of hospitals, schools, playgrounds and homes.  

Ukraine defends democracy, freedom, international law, human decency.

Ukraine’s courage and resilience has astonished the world.

Ukraine stands for the values Canada holds dear. 

Come, pick up a passport and catch a glimpse of the sounds, sights, and tastes of the land of sunflowers: See the skill of “vyshytia”, the intricacy of “pysanky”, learn about Ukraine’s World Heritage sites, sample a UNESCO protected cultural tradition—borsch—while watching how pyrohy/varennyky are made. Hear the music played on instruments of Ukraine. You might want to get your face painted or have a tour of Ukrainian iconograpy! See the work of local Ukrainian artists and be sure to buy a chance to win an original sunflower painting by KW artist Pat Kalyn! 


Hungry? Lunch and supper (limited) sittings ($5.)!

We, the local Ukrainian-Catholic community of KW, are grateful for your support, as we strive to support the people of Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!   

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