Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration



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Our Parish’s “Little Free Pantry” is a way for us to fill our hearts by sharing food

with those around us!

Dear Parish Family,

We are collecting Food Bank type non-perishable food in the box at the new entrance for volunteers to stock our “Little Free Pantry”.

Please donate food when you can, so that we can help “feed the hungry” in the neighbourhood. (Why not purchase an extra item or two when your favourite grocery store has a sale?) Our donation of food helps to sow kindness, generosity, and community nourishment.

Please volunteer to come and check on the Pantry. You can choose to come one day a week or more. Below is the August calendar. Please email me to claim a day to come and check on the pantry.


  1. Come and check on the Pantry at any time of the day that is convenient for you. Just check if all is neat and clean.
  2. If you can, bring an item to place inside, or
  3. If the pantry is empty, you can a) enter the church if the residents are home to let you in (or Fr. Yaroslaw at the house) to access the food in the Food Box at the entrance; b) if there is no food available, simply let me know the pantry is empty.

There is a high need in the area of our church, so inevitably the pantry will be empty at times.

That is OK.

We are neighbours helping neighbours as we can.

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