Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


Celebrating Christ’s Nativity

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  Outside our church on the night of Rizdvo, in the dark and frigid cold, joyous laughter and ancient carols rang up to the heavens. THANK YOU to our carollers who with frozen toes and warm hearts sang Christmas praise and spoke hearty greetings of goodness and hope to us all.

  This scene encapsulates our parish: courage, tradition, togetherness, joy, love.

  On this feast of the Nativity of our Lord, we sing in gratitude to God for each and every member of our parish family:


to Father and Deacon for their service

to you who serve at the altar

to you who keep our church and its grounds clean

to you who keep it decorated and beautiful

to you who sing in the choir and lead all of us in song

to you who come to services and to you who come in spirit

to you who volunteer your skills and time

to you who support us financially

to you who translate our bulletin into correct Ukrainian

to you who serve in the parish committee

to you who pray— no matter where or when or how

We are family and we are blessed to have each other in Christ.

Christ is Born—Let us glorify him!

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