Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


As a Christian, my actions are to follow Christ’s standard of divine love.

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● When I reflect on the way I live, does my life speak to me, and to those who interact with me, of a life of gentleness, humility, sincerity, moderation and peace?

● Am I creating a space/atmosphere of non-violence by the way I speak?

● Is my response the same to the poor, as it is to the person who is well-fed and nicely dressed?

● Is my lifestyle reflecting a reverence for all of God’s creation?

● Do I show respect for the earth and the natural resources of the earth?

Loving God, instill in my heart the desire to become that person you so want me to be. Amen.

Laudato Si resources

We hope that our weekly actions are helping us to grow as mindful Christians actively working to improve the state of our world. COP26 illuminates the imperative for each of us individually to nurture a passion for environmental and social justice activism, so that we, collectively, will elect leadership that dares to implement effective measures to mitigate the climate crisis and restore hope for the future.  Too many leaders speak the language of environmental consciousness while, for example, continuing to buttress infrastructure for more roads, cars, and fossil fuel consumption. It is up to each one of us to discern and recognize rhetoric that satisfies our personal greed or the common good!

The readings this week, point out our responsibility as followers of Christ. Paul writes of dying to the “law” (Romans 7:4); no longer can it be enough for a Christian unthinkingly to feel self-righteous because he isn’t breaking any laws. As a Christian, my actions are to follow Christ’s standard of divine love. Luke’s parable of the sower emphasizes our responsibility to act in this love. Christ’s life generates infinite seeds. Our parish community’s steps to ecological conversion are a way of nurturing more fertile soil so that more seeds will germinate and flourish. Let’s continue to fortify this soil, encouraging and strengthening each other in our efforts to live with openness and interconnection with people and planet. 

“We must beware of spiritual laziness: we are fine, with our prayers and liturgies, and this is enough for us. No! … praying never means avoiding the difficulties of life; the light of faith is not meant to provide beautiful spiritual feelings. No, this is not Jesus’ message. We are called to experience the encounter with Christ so that, enlightened by His light, we might take it and make it shine everywhere. Igniting little lights in people’s hearts; being little lamps of the Gospel that bear a bit of love and hope: this is the mission of a Christian.”                               Pope Francis

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