Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


This week we continue our focus on Post COVID change:

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Let’s encourage ourselves to dream, seeking these ideals,”

“Let’s not try to rebuild the past, especially the past that was already unjust and already sick.”

“We must cure a great virus, that of social injustice, inequality of opportunity, marginalization and lack of protection for the vulnerable.”

Pope Francis

During the weeks of strictest restrictions beginning last March, the churches closed, and we adjusted as best we could to home prayer: isolated, yet collective. From our home, we shared icons, prayers, and methods of contemplative prayer (meditation).   From media we’ve learned that many people, the world over, discovered spiritual connection and renewed prayer during lockdowns. Many for the first time recognized interconnectedness and interdependence among human beings and our equally fundamental interrelation with the environment.

  As this realization grows, historically suppressed voices are speaking with renewed strength against their oppression. At the same time, those who have denied the “body” of Christ, benefitting from exclusion, vociferously oppose the change equality would bring.

  But this connection and unity of creation is the Spirit of God—the light we see through Christ’s love—the sacredness of the earth that we celebrate on the Feast of the Transfiguration.

  Whether expressed by researchers in scientific terms or artists in poetic forms, our faith tells us that we are a family of God.

  Now, as we imagine a post COVID world, we must become the change we wish to see!

  Every year at praznyk, we speak of being a “transfigured” community through which others around us can feel the joy and peace of Christ. Possibly we might have felt these were nice sentiments, but less than realistic? Can we be a transfigured people while slogging through work, writing exams, paying parking fines?

  Yes. Yes. Yes.

  Can I? Can You? We can.

  Can we believe the words of a pope of Rome? A leader of a Church that has made so many mistakes throughout history?


  We know because we see that throughout history, corruption and greed could not destroy the Holy Spirit that shines through those who live in love.

  One working class young guy, a long time ago, opposed the status quo and listened to everyone, talked to unpopular folks and didn’t care how people looked or if they were rich. He was killed. A couple of millenia later, people continue to follow His example. It is always changing the world. . .  

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