Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


May we help one another grow in wisdom

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September is often seen as the real “new year”: new beginnings for schools, jobs, travel—and of course—it is the new Liturgical year. Every September 14th, we begin afresh the annual cycle of community prayer and celebration.

This year of pandemic, however, the September new year carries a dissonance that is hard to describe: the air of change and adventure for many is fraught with frustrated expectations, uncertainly, disappointment, as well as anxiety and fear. We don’t know what winter brings when a novel virus lurks about. . .

Thankfully, we can know with certainty what the Liturgical year brings, especially in times of crisis; in it we have an anchor to keep us steady throughout life’s storms. The scriptural readings provide guidance, speaking newly to each situation, year after year. Through Church, whether we attend physically or online, we join in communal prayer, so that we feel we belong and indeed comprise Christ’s body. We are reminded of Christ’s teaching so that we gain energy and inspiration to love and be loved, to have compassion, generosity, kindness, to others as well as ourselves. Especially in this time of pandemic, our Faith Tradition is not only the anchor, but a lighthouse too—a beacon illuminating our journey of peace. With all the questions and fears provoked by Covid, we have only to pay heed to the church cycle to know the answers to the issues around us. In all things, what would Christ do? Always—love, forgive, listen, care, share, be patient, be kind.

In this new year may our children, our teachers, our families remain safe; may we help one another to grow in wisdom, as well as knowledge; may we begin a post pandemic year that normalizes environmental consciousness and respect for all humanity.       

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