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Together we are stronger

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Since the coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the WHO, we know that potentially all people the world over can contract the illness. While for most it may feel like a cold or flu, for some it can be deadly. The increasing closures of public venues may seem alarming, but in fact the measures our health authorities are taking are designed to slow down the spread. Fr. Myroslaw is in regular contact with our local medical community and our Bishop in order to keep us updated on any necessary changes to routine.

Here is the website to check for information on symptoms and what to do if you feel unwell:

Please remember that social media sites are often the source of misinformation and lead to unnecessary fear, anxiety, panic—even hysteria.

While the fear a global pandemic holds has potential to incite racism, violence, and thoughtless actions, it also illuminates our common humanity, that knows no borders or differences. Today we can respond to the call of unity, compassion and love towards all humanity. We can be proud of, and grateful for, our leaders who are providing careful guidance and protocols to make changes to our lives less damaging. How fortunate that our already taxed health care system has mobilized to deal with this emergency efficiently.

We too are reminded that each of us can make a difference. How? Follow legitimate updates and protocols. Don’t panic. Self-isolate if you are ill. Self-quarantine if you have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19. Check the website to know the difference.

Check in on or call vulnerable people you know. Loneliness lowers our immune systems. Share. Be kind. Wash your hands. You are loved more than you can ever know.

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