Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


Patriarch Svyatoslav on Prayer

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The essence of our Christianity is living in love. The one who loves, lives. The one who does not love is already dead. When we pray, we live and express our love for God and neighbour. The peak of prayer is to express our love to Him. The one who says: “I love you God” that is the person who prays deeply. “I love you not for what you have done for me, nor for the ways I can benefit from you for my needs.” . . . True love is a heart open to God, as the source of our life.

First, I begin my prayer with thanks to God. I am grateful for the gift of life; I am thankful for being able to speak to Him; I am grateful for the new day. I turn to Him in thanks, . . . , for giving me another chance.

The next stage is a prayer of repentance. I experience God’s greatness and my weakness and limitedness.

The next, third step, is to prayer for those around me and for all people. The one who says they love God and do not love their brother is a liar. So, clearly, the next step in prayer is to prayer for our neighbor, as an expression of our love.

The fourth step is prayer for myself. . . I ask for wisdom, intelligence, courage, that I may witness my faith in all I do. That my actions may express my faith in the loving God.

The culminating, fifth step, is prayer which glorifies God.

. . . A Christian is the one within whom lies the Source. The Christian is the one from whom flows goodness, God’s Love, because God has placed Jacob’s well within the hearts of people!”

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