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O Lord, and Master of my life

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MasterofMyLifeWe know that Lent is a time of introspection and reflection, a time to take inventory of ourselves, as it were, and where we stand in relation to God and the world we live in.

Lenten Church services and Liturgical readings guide us in this direction as a community, but at the same time we can also focus on our personal communication with God: our personal prayer.

Often prayer is seen as words that are prescribed, mandatory, memorized. On the other hand, personal prayer can center all too easily on requests—asking for what we want from an omnipotent God: sunny weather, a cure, a lottery win …

Recitation and expressing our needs and desires to God is important and good, but if we see only this aspect of prayer we may feel dissatisfied: prayers do not manipulate God, no matter how fervent, lengthy, or eloquent.

So what is prayer? How should we pray? And we might ask: what is the point?
Although prayer is not a trade negotiation with the Almighty, it has extreme power, because, in essence, prayer is being with God. It has been defined simply as “paying attention to God”. And this we can do in any number of ways, with or without words, depending on our personal circumstances.

There is no one formula for everyone at all times. Prayer is allowing yourself to be in the embrace of profound love. In this way, we draw on immeasurable strength and endurance for life’s journey.

In praying for others we include them in this place of love—whether they are
alive or dead, far or near. Individuals imprisoned in isolation have spoken of actually feeling the presence of others’ prayers.

As we continue through Lent, and our lives, let’s try to place ourselves in the presence of Love where we can garner the strength to withstand hardship, anger, and grief, and remember mercy, peace, and gratitude.

Куди летиш, чого шукаєш, серце?
Де спокій ти бажаєш осягти?
Чого шукаєш в світі цьому злому,
Чи в ньому щастя хочеш ти знайти?
Немає в світі правди і любові,
Великий біг, велика суєта,
Усі за тлінним благом у гонитві,
Душа ж в тяжкій скорботі загиба.
Не рвешся ти до Бога у молитві,
Не плачеш за гріхи твої тяжкі,
Прийди в ковчег, що храмом Божим зветься,
І там простяться всі гріхи твої.
Прийди до храму – і здобудеш спокій,
Шукай Благого і Він знайде тебе.
Куди летиш, чого шукаєш, серце?
Полинь до Бога й Він тебе прийме.

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