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Pope Francis on our choices

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“Each one of us is chosen by God. Each one of us carries a promise that the Lord made: ‘Walk in my presence, be irreproachable, and I will do this for you.’ Each one of us makes bonds with the Lord: you can make them. If you don’t want to make them, you are free to choose. This is a fact, though.

It should also be a question: How do I feel about the the choice? Do I feel like a Christian by coincidence? How do I live the promise, a promise of salvation on my path, and how am I faithful to the bond? How is He faithful?”

“This means the path of choice, toward the promise and bond, will produce sins. There will be disobedience but facing that disobedience will always be mercy. It’s like the dynamic of our walk toward maturity: there is always mercy, because He is faithful, He would never take back His gifts. It is related: this is related to the fact that the gifts are irrevocable. Why? Because mercy is always facing our weaknesses, our sins …”

“I think it would be good for us, for all of us, today to think about our choices, about the promises the Lord has made us and about how I am living my bond with God. How can I let myself – allow me to use the expression – ‘be mercified’ by the Lord, in light of my sins, my disobediences. In the end, if I am able – like Paul – of praising God for what he has given me, to each one of us: praise and do that act of adoration; but without ever forgetting that the gifts and God’s call are irrevocable.”

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