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The Saint John’s Bible

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stjohnsbible.jpgЦими вихідними наша парафія має честь гостити цю унікальну Біблію!

The Saint John’s Bible is the first completely handwritten and illuminated Bible since the invention of the printing press more than five hundred years ago.

It was commissioned by Saint John’s (Benedictine) Abbey and University and was created by Donald Jackson, Senior Scribe to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Office, along with an international team of calligraphers and artists.

The work of The Saint John’s Bible was done in a scriptorium in Wales. Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, is the Bible’s home. The Saint John’s Bible was made using traditional materials such as vellum (calfskin), ancient inks, gold and silver leaf and platinum, and was written with quill pens fashioned from goose, turkey and swan feathers.

With its 160 major illuminations, The Saint John’s Bible reflects three particular Benedictine values and biblical themes: hospitality; conversion of life; and justice for God’s people.

The Committee on Illumination and Text (CIT) at Saint John’s University
provided the biblical and theological scholarship behind the project. The CIT was
composed of artists, medievalists, theologians, biblical scholars and art historians.
Under the leadership of Fr. Michael Patella, OSB, the CIT presented Donald
Jackson with briefs and abstracts for the verses of the Bible illuminations.

In 2017, St. Jerome’s University has two volumes of the Heritage Edition on campus: Gospels and Acts and the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible). We are fortunate to be able to host the Gospels and Acts in our Church this weekend.

(Text taken from the St. Jerome’s University website:

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