Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


St. Gregory Palamas: “Prayer without ceasing is necessary for all Christians”

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Let no one think, my fellow Christians, that it is the duty only of priests and monks to pray
without ceasing, and not of laypeople.

No, no; it is the duty of all of us Christians to remain always in prayer.

At first it may appear very difficult to you, but be assured, that this very name of our Lord Jesus Christ, constantly invoked by you, will help you to overcome all difficulties, and in the course of time you will become used to this practice and will taste how sweet is the name of the Lord. Then you will learn by experience that this practice is not impossible and not difficult, but both possible and easy …

Moreover, bear in mind the method of prayer – how it is possible to pray without ceasing, namely by praying in the mind. And this we can always do if we so wish. For when we sit down to work with our hands, when we walk, when we eat, when we drink we can always pray mentally and practice this mental prayer – the true prayer pleasing to God. Let us work with the body and pray with the soul.

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