Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration



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We may all know examples of people who say one thing and do another, without even recognizing that they are inconsistent.

I’m not thinking of neurological issues, but more specifically of how some people manage to separate their daily grind from their “church” life (which might be Sunday Liturgy as an obligation that once fulfilled can be forgotten).

I am confident that we, reading this bulletin are not that person, but this week, reflecting on the Feast of Jordan, I am struck by the radical meaning of this event, and wonder if those I encounter throughout my day recognize God in me.

Do I act as if my celebration of Christmas includes recognizing God as a vibrant Trinity? Do I show that I take part in a community dependent on love and generosity?

Christ’s baptism in the Jordan river, in water, essential to life and to living, shows us that all of creation, including us, is sacred. As Christians, we come together to celebrate this knowledge of belonging to such a community of love, joy, and support.

Do my actions reflect this love for the world? Do I value the water that the world needs for survival?

This year, when Father comes to bless our homes with the water of the Jordan Feast, I will take time to appreciate the sacredness of that water and rejoice in the love we nurture in our parish community. When I am mindful of a Trinitarian embrace, maybe my ordinary actions in my regular days will spread that warmth of knowledge that God is with us.

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