Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


St. Nicholas Day

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St. Nicholas Day: more than my wish list?

This day is a wonderful reminder of the importance of reaching out in service to those around us. St. Nicholas’ miracles were not about magically producing gold coins to give to people. Rather they were about our untapped capacity to open our heart in love to those around us.

May this beautiful time of year encourage us to keep open our hearts in love and caring for all the people we may meet.

And may Christ’s love and joy be with us and our families throughout the year.

Святий Миколаю,
Я тебе благаю:
Пошли щастя й світлу долю
Козацькому краю.

Дідусь і бабуся —
Щоб були здорові,
Татусь і матуся —
Щоб жили в любові.

Усім добрим діткам
Принеси гостинці
І подаруй Божу ласку
Кожній сиротинці.
Н. Гуменюк

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