Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


Uniting Ukrainians in prayer during conflict

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Pastor Andrei UtkinOn Friday July 10th, Holy Transfiguration Parish welcomed Pastor Andrei Utkin from the Molochansk Mennonite Church in Eastern Ukraine.

After a brief prayer service for Ukraine, Pastor Andrei spoke about the extremely difficult situation of life in the war zone in Ukraine and the horrible destruction that has occurred. Yet, he also told us, in the midst of the horror, an openness has arisen in people’s hearts to the proclamation of God’s Word.

He mentioned how gratifying it was that Christian churches, which have in the past been concerned with disputes over the “proper” length of a woman’s skirt, are now uniting in prayer and action to support the people in the face of aggression by pro-Russian forces. In the midst of terrible violence God’s grace is still evident and our Churches are more fully being Christian communities.

He asked us all to continue to pray for and materially support the people of Ukraine.

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