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Easter services schedule now available

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Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

Easter, Velykden’, (literally Great day) is the foundational event of our Christian Faith. The Resurrection of Christ, three days after his brutal torture and death, is the ultimate triumph of love over evil.

Our liturgies and cultural rituals are imbued with a riotous sense of joy and generosity. The homily of St John Chrysostom, read on this day, tells us that we need not fear our unworthiness, our mortality; we need not fear our fears because God’s graciousness is limitless! Such all-encompassing love awakens inexpressible joy!

Although we know the joy of the Resurrection, can we truly take part in it when we are faced with the realities of war in Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa, unrest, terrorism and soul-withering accounts of inhumanity whenever we hear a newscast? Can our celebration of Easter allay the horrors that proliferate in the world? Yes.

Jesus, a human being, lived a life of love – yet encountered suffering, pain, doubt and betrayal. His life demonstrates that goodness, holiness, does not erase the troubles in the world, but living with God’s love gives us meaning and strength to spread ever more goodness and joy in whatever circumstances we have.

We are the vehicles of joy in the world, because Christ’s resurrection proclaims the power of love to overcome even death. We celebrate because this Velykden’, this Great day, gives us the courage and vitality to persist in multiplying God’s loving presence in the world, bringing hope for peace and new life.

This Velykden’ we wish you and your loved ones profound delight in the love we have and share in our families and community. May our Paschal celebrations increase our faith and hope in the Resurrection!

“Behold, today is the day of the Resurrection, let us glory in the feast; let us embrace one another in joy and  say: ‘O brothers and enemies too: we forgive everything on this day of Resurrection . . . ‘” (Stichera of the Resurrection)

For information regarding the order of Easter services, please click on the image below. NOTE: Good Friday service (April 11) @ 5:30 p.m.

2015 Великдень

Click image to access the Easter schedule

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