Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


What I can do for the environment


  1. See the natural world as the miracle of life that it is.
  2. Be grateful for food that comes from the earth. Give thanks before meals.
  3. When possible buy local produce; support local growers and producers.
  4. Value water and water sources: Don’t leave taps open. Use low flow toilets. Do not use bottled water. Do not support Nestle because they are depleting our natural water sources.
  5. Use your vote at election time. Investigate the real environmental records and policies of political parties. Vote for those with ethical environmental policies.
  6. Reduce your use of plastics. Re-use when possible. Recycle. Buy in bulk.
  7. Compost food waste.
  8. Never throw garbage on streets.
  9. Reduce waste production: avoid single use, throw away things.
  10. Reduce use of paper: paper towels, serviettes etc.
  11. Value public spaces and help keep them clean.
  12. Walk or cycle when possible. Use public transit more, cars less.
  13. When possible use cars that do not use fossil fuels (electric cars, hybrid).
  14. Use sustainable energy sources when possible (e.g. wind, solar).
  15. Make your home as energy efficient as possible. Conserve energy.
  16. Don’t buy things you don’t really need.
  17. Use reusable dishes, cups, cutlery.
  18. Use your own cup and dishes if possible for take out food.
  19. Avoid fast food chains.
  20. Eat whole foods when possible. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Cook from scratch.
  21. Eat less red meat.
  22. Buy fairly traded coffee/chocolate.
  23. Donate unwanted things rather than throwing them out: Charities such as Diabetes Association and Children’s Wish will pick up items from your doorstep.
  24. Borrow instead of buying: tools etc can be rented as well.
  25. Use eco friendly light bulbs. Turn off lights when not in use.
  26. Plant trees.
  27. Honour conservation areas, initiatives, and wildlife.
  28. Take part in World Earth Hour (March 30th, 8:30pm 2019)
  29. Support eco friendly businesses and initiatives.
  30. Love life!