Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration


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Coffee anyone?

This Pascha we read our Patriarch’s encouragement to live as people of the Resurrection. So what does this mean? Do we know?

At Easter Liturgy we sing “We who have been baptized in Christ, have put on Christ”—literally—we wear Christ. Our Christian mission is to be Christ to the world.

We hear this and indeed we know this, but the actual lived meaning of this role simply defies any static description or prescription. We are called not to specific actions, but rather to profound being that demands a continuous consciousness of goodness and love.

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Reflections of Patriarch Svyatoslav

PatSvyat2From its very inception the Church’s proclamation of the Gospel has centred on defending human life from conception to natural death. However, our life does not end with the conclusion of our earthly journey; there is more to it than our life in the visible, material world.

We should do all we can so that those who are ill, suffering, or dying always experience respect for their human dignity even in the most challenging moments of their life.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine and throughout the world, there abound various theories that deny the dignity of those who are sick, infirm or dying. Even Plato said that if someone is ill they need not be healed, rather they should be left to die. Clearly this contradicts Christian mercy and the call to love our neighbour.

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